Wednesday, November 30, 2011

9 Reasons to Choose P90X

I haven't gotten all the way through (thank you illnesses all around) but even after a month I saw results.

Here are 9 Reasons To Do P90X.

1) You get personal coaching from ME! Ordering from my site and choosing P90X means that I'm available to answer your questions and kick you in the butt when you need it.
2) Tony is hilarious. Seriously, I spend most of the workouts giggling.
3) You'll learn proper form. Tony is a stickler for proper form during workouts. He explains WHY on a lot as well.
4) Sculpt and tone OR bulk up! The same exercises do both. The weights and number of reps decide your results.
5) It's easy to modify. Can't do a pull up? Try with a chair. Is that still too hard? Use bands or weights instead!
6) It's a big name to drop. When people say "You look great! What are you doing?" you'll impress them by responding "P90X."
7) Improve your cardio. Plyo, Kenpo, Cardio, and even Yoga will help your cardio in other areas.
8) Lose weight. Duh, working HARD means fat starts melting away.
9) Inspire others! I'm sure your friends will think "If S/HE can do it then surely *I* can do it!"


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