Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why I Chose Beachbody 1

I'm going to do this in a series. I hope to give you some insight into my reasons for choosing this company. If you have any questions or thoughts you'd like me to discuss please share them with me!

"I refuse to start a job that I have to pay for first."

This was said to me (well, that basic thought) on vacation this past week. I wanted to discuss this one first because it's SO common!

Yes, to start Beachbody there's a fee and a monthly fee (unless you're active military or a spouse...) However, you can choose what you spend to start! The basic package is only $40.

Let's be honest, all jobs have an initial investment and a monthly fee. They don't call it that...Most jobs require a uniform of some kind. Several will require you to purchase specific items of clothing (specific shoes or pants for example). Some may require training materials. That's a start-up fee! For a monthly fee you'll spend more than $15 a month on gas...even MORE if you start eating lunch out!

With Beachbody you can "work" in places you already visit! (Think the grocery store, post office, playgroup, etc...) You can also work in unconventional work clothes! If I share Beachbody with someone while dressed in sweatpants and tennis shoes it works FOR me (because I could be going to or coming from a workout) instead of looking unprofessional!

What are some of your thoughts/concerns about Beachbody?

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