Wednesday, November 30, 2011

9 Reasons to Choose P90X

I haven't gotten all the way through (thank you illnesses all around) but even after a month I saw results.

Here are 9 Reasons To Do P90X.

1) You get personal coaching from ME! Ordering from my site and choosing P90X means that I'm available to answer your questions and kick you in the butt when you need it.
2) Tony is hilarious. Seriously, I spend most of the workouts giggling.
3) You'll learn proper form. Tony is a stickler for proper form during workouts. He explains WHY on a lot as well.
4) Sculpt and tone OR bulk up! The same exercises do both. The weights and number of reps decide your results.
5) It's easy to modify. Can't do a pull up? Try with a chair. Is that still too hard? Use bands or weights instead!
6) It's a big name to drop. When people say "You look great! What are you doing?" you'll impress them by responding "P90X."
7) Improve your cardio. Plyo, Kenpo, Cardio, and even Yoga will help your cardio in other areas.
8) Lose weight. Duh, working HARD means fat starts melting away.
9) Inspire others! I'm sure your friends will think "If S/HE can do it then surely *I* can do it!"


Monday, November 28, 2011


In honor of Cyber Monday I'm further breaking down the AWESOME deal here!

You get a program, nutrition in the form of Shakeology, and support from ME and BB in the form of a free month of Club Membership!

How does the savings break down?

Challenge Pack One: You're saving  $25.75
Challenge Pack Two: You're saving $26.33
Challenge Pack Three: You're saving $44.69 (This is the BEST DEAL)

PLUS, as an added bonus, if you've considered becoming a coach you can buy one of these at sign up and have the sign up fee WAIVED (that's an extra $40 in savings)

How's THAT for a Cyber Monday Deal?

So, instead of buying clothes buy something that will help you fit into even cuter clothes in the near future!!

Don't wait! Click HERE

Confused about sign up? Email me! Or text me! (210) 526-1349

Monday Musings

Some Turkey Weekend Thoughts...

- that how to spell it? The stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy. Ugh. It gets me every single time.

- My baby got his first high fever. It was scary to see the number on the thermometer go up...and up...and up...and then realize that you ADD if you're doing it under the arm. He's doing better, but mommy was a bit worried.

- There are yoga positions that help with congestion! Seriously. I did it on a whim and it WORKED. It's not a long term fix, but if you want to breathe for a few mins try a Forward Bend or Downward Dog.

- Black Friday...I skipped it. Did you go?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

But I worked out! I can eat it! Right?

This is a common belief! "I did X workout! I can eat an extra helping/slice of cake/candy bar!"

Not if you want results.

The average INTENSE workout is going to burn 500-600 calories (average woman); the average dessert is double that.

Did you REALLY do yourself a favor there?

This is another thing that Beachbody handles for you! If you become a Club Member you get all sorts of neat discounts AND they'll do a meal plan for you! So, not only will they figure out how many calories you need to be eating, but they'll tell you WHAT you need to be eating too. It also makes up a shopping list! How cool is that?

I figured out that to LOSE WEIGHT doing P90X I still needed to be eating 2400 calories a day..but it had to be the right foods. I can't eat 2400 calories worth of Oreos and expect results. There's a protein/fat/carb ratio involved.

Have you signed up as a Club Member? Would you be interested in a meal plan and discounts?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Looking For Gifts for Mom?

Give the gift of health!

Beachbody now has EGift Cards!!! When I first got involved with the company I thought "AH! I *wish* we had gift cards!" It turns out it was in the works! Just another example of the awesomeness of BB.

It's SO easy. Click on one of the pictures below and choose your amount. If you're a BB member you'll log in; if not you'll create a FREE account. Then you'll pay for your card. It comes in your email and that's where you customize it. You can email it or print it and stick it in a card (or a box full of paper...I did that to my brother one year with a Gift Card) Cool, huh?

Click to purchase
Click to purchase
Click to purchase
Click to purchase

Click to purchase

Click here to view more (not holiday specific) cards!

You can use your gift card toward dozens of products! I recommend a 30 day supply of Shakeology!

Will you buy a gift card this holiday season? Let's give the gift of health and End The Trend of Obesity!!

"Eat Every Few Hours" But WHY?!

It's on every diet website: Eating every few hours (instead of 3 squares) can help you lose weight!

But how?! Wouldn't eating more food mean more calories and, therefore, more weight gain? Well, yes...but then you're not doing it right.

Beachbody actually cleared this up for me!

Think of hunger on a scale. 1 is STARVING and 10 is STUFFED. Ideal is 5-7. Most people wait until they're at 2-3 before they eat and don't stop eating until they're 9 or above.

Eating every few hours means that you always stay in the 6ish range. You're not STARVING so you're not eating a ton and if you stop after a moderate amount you're not eating until you're STUFFED. Believe it or not, you'll actually start eating less food!

How many times do you eat a day? Do you pay attention to how hungry you are and how stuffed you feel?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Who Wants To Win Money AND Look Amazing?

You know me. I'm always excited about sales and winning money!!

There are Challenge Packs now available through Beachbody.

If you want a ton of info and have 5mins there's a video here:

If not I'll sum it up...

I'm starting Challenge Groups!

'Challenge Group' is a great way to stay accountable, motivated, and get excellent tips, thoughts,and helpful suggestions along the way! Now, there really are 'no more excuses'....:)
(space will be limited-There will only be 5 spots available in each group)So, call your friends and get them into the group you choose...:)
Message me TODAY if you're SERIOUS about getting YOUR RESULTS!!

We'll be in a group on Facebook to check in and chat. There will be rules...but rules will get results.

Cool huh?

Right now I'm pretty flexible on what groups I'm starting. I would REALLY like to do a couple of groups. Body Gospel is awesome...and I've experienced cool stuff from P90X already. 

~Choose one group:Workout Program along with Shakeology
~Commit to the full program!!
***Purchase your Challenge Pack HERE***
-Click on BEACHBODY CHALLENGE on right side of page- fill out information and that's're in!!

Can't afford it? I feel ya! Economy sucks right now. But you know what's right around the corner? Christmas!!! (and other gift giving holidays if that's not your thing) I'm willing to bet a couple of my readers have birthdays coming up too. Tell everyone to pitch in and get you a Challenge Pack! Think of it like this: A TurboJam CP is 4 people giving $40...that's the price of the average gift right? (I don't know...we did stocking stuffers last year)

Another thing? Buying one as you sign up to coach WAIVES the coach fee. And Shakeology is cheaper even after the coach fee!! 

The Scale (insert foreboading music)

It's actually a bit of a controversial topic...How often should you weigh yourself?

I'm going to give you MY opinion.

I'll be honest, I chucked the scale years ago. I weigh myself if I'm somewhere with a scale (family, gym, etc...) but I don't own one and I don't plan to buy one.

I, like most people, get obsessed with the number. That number can dictate my entire day. Up a pound? Horrible day. Down a pound? Fantastic day. No change? Probably a horrible day.

It's sad, but very true and very common.

Some people will tell you to weigh yourself weekly. I still think this is a bad idea...especially for women. Our weight is affected my hormones! PMS can cause weight gain. Yes, there are things you can do to help prevent this (diet, exercise, extra water) but you can't prevent it totally. Weight training can also mess with the numbers.

A pound of muscle is not as big as a pound of fat. So you might not look different when you start weight training, but the numbers may go up. You may go down 2 pants sizes but be HEAVIER than when you started.

I recommend having a goal SIZE or an EXERCISE goal. Are you a size 12? Buy a size 10 pair of pants and try them on once a month. Or, take pictures at the first of each month and compare your progress. Or make it a goal to increase your endurance (Do you take fewer rest breaks during that intense video? That's progress!!)

If you want to weigh yourself I would say do it once a month. I know that's radical! I know that's difficult! I also know that it can be done!

*Disclaimer: If you have a medical condition that requires weight monitoring then listen to your DOCTOR instead of me! I know a woman who had her thyroid removed and now has to weigh herself each morning because a large fluctuation can indicate a serious problem. Always always know your limits.

What do you think? Do you own a scale? How often do you weigh in? Do you let numbers dictate your day?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Each Wednesday I pick a workout to discuss. It can be a specific program, workout in general, or move.

Check out a short video

I'll admit...I haven't done this one yet...but I want to!! My husband loves my butt (it's his favorite body part) so I'd love to tone and firm without flattening!

Plus, Latin Dance! It is possible to break a sweat and feel sexy at the same time...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Should WOMEN lift weights?

"I don't want to look like a man."

"I don't want to get bulky."

"I just want to be skinny!"

Then lift weights. Heavy ones.

Seriously, barring medical injury there is no reason women should not hit the weights.

Myth: I'll get manly muscles.

Fact: Only if you use steroids (and you shouldn't do that). Women don't have the testosterone to get big and manly muscles. We CAN get larger muscles and intense sculpting like other female body builders...but the amount of time spent in the gym (and the crazy diet required) isn't something that anyone does 100% of the time. You'll get lean, sculpted, sexy muscles and lower your body fat percentage.

Myth: If I stop weight training the muscle I develop will turn to fat!

Fact: Muscle cells and fat cells are two DIFFERENT TYPES OF CELL. I've heard this one since junior high...your muscle cells cannot become fat cells any more than your heart cells can spontaneously become brain cells. I mean, I guess it could happen...but you should see a doctor about it.

I recommend this guy. Source

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Musings

As Thanksgiving approaches there are several things on my mind...

- I love visiting family but I hate travel. It throws the kids off and gets me away from my kitchen, food, and exercise programs.

- I tossed out my scale years ago. I get obsessed with the numbers (which will fluctuate daily...and can fluctuate up and down WEEKLY) so I only weigh myself once in a blue moon...but I'm also DYING to know how much I weigh right now.

- I need to find a different program. Don't get me wrong, P90X is giving me results and I enjoy it...but it's hard to do an hour of exercise with the kids. I'll have to do a bit of research and see what else we offer!

- I recently realized I haven't had Shakeology in at least a that's why I've been run-down!

- Results and Recovery is SO AWESOME when you're nauseated and not eating. Seriously, it's like Gatorade but much much better. I had some today and it was an orange dream.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Beachbody Story

I became a coach summer of 2011. 

I met MY coach, Sarah, through her blog. Her blog led to her Facebook Page and then her Facebook Profile. She was really sweet and very helpful. Eventually she mentioned that I sounded like a coach and told me all about Beachbody.

Do you want to know a secret? I said NO!

Yep, originally I gave her a polite, but firm, "No thank you." It sounded like a great opportunity but I'd been burned by "network marketing" in the past and was not about to go there again.

Cut to Sarah's visit to Summit (the annual coaching expo! Coaches from around the country get together to meet, get sneak peeks, and get great personal development training.) Her stories and photos had me wishing I could be there (maybe it was just a lack of vacation time...who knows...)

When she came back she approached me again and told me that Beachbody had opened coaching to military (or spouse) for FREE. No sign up fee and no monthly fee. Basically, it was a free business opportunity and a rockin' discount! I jumped in with both feet.

Since then I've met some amazing people, gotten addicted to Shakeology, and started seeing a body I haven't seen in years. I'm using my love of health and fitness to get out of debt and save lives. 

Want to learn more? Email me!  I love to talk about this company and what it's done for me!


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