Sunday, November 27, 2011

But I worked out! I can eat it! Right?

This is a common belief! "I did X workout! I can eat an extra helping/slice of cake/candy bar!"

Not if you want results.

The average INTENSE workout is going to burn 500-600 calories (average woman); the average dessert is double that.

Did you REALLY do yourself a favor there?

This is another thing that Beachbody handles for you! If you become a Club Member you get all sorts of neat discounts AND they'll do a meal plan for you! So, not only will they figure out how many calories you need to be eating, but they'll tell you WHAT you need to be eating too. It also makes up a shopping list! How cool is that?

I figured out that to LOSE WEIGHT doing P90X I still needed to be eating 2400 calories a day..but it had to be the right foods. I can't eat 2400 calories worth of Oreos and expect results. There's a protein/fat/carb ratio involved.

Have you signed up as a Club Member? Would you be interested in a meal plan and discounts?

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