Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some things are OK

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

- to only have a short run in the afternoon yesterday. Just getting out and doing SOMETHING counts.

- to be excited about going to help a friend pack tomorrow because I'm doing it SANS KIDS!

- to scream and cry because I found a scorpion crawling on me. (True story)

- to be making my meal plan and shopping list the day we're going shopping.

- that I indulged a little too much last weekend in honor of my birthday.

- to be a little freaked out about being 25 now...

- to turn the TV on for a couple of hours to occupy the kids until I can REALLY get moving.

- to flat out ask you to come *like* Kas Fitness on Facebook!

- that I'm asking you to go read about Shakeology by clicking this and seriously consider buying in the next few days for my Challenge Group! (We'll start April 9th and drink Shakeology every single day for 15 days) Remember to order AutoShip (Home Direct) for free shipping! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It'll Free Your Soul

So I'm trying this new thing's called BELIEVING.

I heard a quote on the TV Show Once Upon A Time and it resonated with me...

So I made a motivational photo
Seriously though...don't we all do this at one point or another?

We CAN'T do something because we don't BELIEVE we can. We don't want to believe in the magic inside of us all. (No, I'm not talking slight of hand or witchcraft...stay with me)

The first time I ran a mile it was slow and steady...I think it took me 15mins...but it was a magical moment. The first time I broke 11mins it was magical. The first time I did it in 10mins? Yep, MAGICAL. When I realized I was a size 6 after over 3 years I felt like I could take on the world at that moment.

You can make MAGIC happen. You can take your unfit or barely fit body and make it fit and healthy. Isn't that all magic does? Takes something and transforms it into something else? DO IT!

What magical thing do you want to accomplish in the month of April? Tell me below or come like me on Facebook!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do you want a Better Butt?

With bikini season around the corner I know most of my female readers are looking in the mirror more often. What body part is commonly under investigation? The butt!

I know you've heard me talk about Brazil Butt Lift in previous posts. If you want to get started NOW (you know, while you wait for your order!) you can start with a basic squat.

Squats bring up mixed feelings for me. Yes, it's one of the BEST workouts for your butt. However, I hate doing them. It's one of those things that I have push through and tell myself that it will be worth it!

What if you're not good at squats? Here are some tips!

1) Hold on to something. Grab a chair, a shelf, or a counter to help you keep your balance when you squat.

2) Watch your form. Be sure your knees stay over your heels! If they move more toward your toes you risk hurting your knees. Watch videos to make sure your form is good.

3) Start slow. Don't feel like you have to squat straight to the floor your first time. Squat down deep enough to feel it but make sure you're able to get back up!

4) When you're ready: Squat Deep. Half squats can flatten your butt. Full, deep squats will round out and lift your butt.

5) Don't forget, Eat Healthy!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top Ten Smart Swaps


Well sure it is if you do a huge overhaul and expect to stick to a strict diet with no wiggle room. If your idea of "eating healthier" involves throwing out all of your favorite foods and refusing to eat chocolate ever again...then it's no wonder you've failed in the past.
Yes this works for some people but MOST people need baby steps.

Here are 10 EASY swaps to make that will help you lose weight.

1) Give up one can of soda for 1 glass of water per day.

2) Instead of chips and dip try carrots and hummus!

3) Have an orange instead of orange juice! (FIBER)

4) Shakeology instead of Jamba Juice!

5) Vinaigrette instead of Ranch or Thousand Island (or any other cream based dressing)!

6) Quinoa instead of's even good in casseroles!

7) Salsa on your burger instead of ketchup.

8) Mustard on your sandwich instead of mayo.

9) Try a small piece of dark chocolate instead of a large piece of milk chocolate.

10) Olive oil instead of vegetable oil is another good one. Olive oil has so many more good fats. Or try coconut oil! 

Seriously, small things add up!! And it's the little steps that lead to big steps!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interview with Coni Constantine

I decided that you guys hear enough from me about my experience with coaching. I know that when I'm trying to make a decision I want to hear from several different people!

Well, I interviewed my Star Diamond Coach, Coni Constantine for you!

How long have you been a coach?
Since July 2007

 When you were told about the coaching opportunity did you have any objections or concerns? 
 I actually discovered the coaching opportunity when I was surfing the web one day. No objections or concerns but I did do my honework before signing up. Coaching was so incrediby new then (only 4 months old) that there really weren't any major success stories yet. BUT, I trusted Beachbody as a super successful company and thought it was an incredible opportunity that they were offering. A chance to partner with a well known brand who was willing to GIVE customers to me, I was excited! What made you choose to become a coach? I LOVE that I could partner my passion for health & fitness with a successful business model. When I became a coach I had just finished my 2nd round of P90X and was pretty much telling anyone who would listen about it lol. When I realized I could get paid to do what I was already doing it was pretty much a no brainer Also, like so many other coaches, I was super pumped about the 25% discount since I was already a loyal customer.

 Tell us a bit about your first year as a coach.
 My first year as a coach was a bit rocky to say the least! We did not have all the marketing and training materials we have now so many of us were a bit lost. I had TONS of passion and drive but not 100% sure what to do with that. I was persistent though! I attended every single event and call that I could and soaked up advice from more successful coaches like a sponge. Even though I was not a success yet I KNEW that I would be. Faith and persistance got me through that first year About a year after I signed up I attended a special Beachbody event in Dallas, TX. I had the chance to have dinner with 2 Multi Star Diamond Coaches and 2 up and comers like me. Something clicked that weekend and I became more detrermined than ever to succeed!! It was like the parking brake came off and things really started moving. I don't think that would have happened without the genuine support of all so many fellow coaches. Team Beachbody truly does feel like a family!

 Did you ever feel like quitting? What kept you going?
 In any business there are good days and less than good days. Team Beachbody is no different but I can honestly say that quitting was never an option for me. If things were not working as well as I wanted them too I made adjustments to make them work better. Or to make me better. There are way to many success stories in this business that prove it does work. The magic ingredient is us. Anyone can have any level of success they want with BB as long as they truly belive in our products, our mission, and are willing to work for it. There is no easy street to success with coaching but there is just too much potential not to give it your all. That is what I choose to do.

 What are some major goals you've reached since becoming a coach? Any dreams become reality?
 OMGosh, so many!! My money stress is completely gone. I can now travel whenever I want which is another thing I absolutely love to do. (I have about a trip a month planned this year) I can give my fur babies the very best care they deserve and donate generously to causes I belive in. Coaching allowed me to move from Virginia to Los Angeles with no stress. On a personal level I have grown SO much as a person. I'm much more of an extrovert now and have tons more self-confidence. It truly has been an incredible experience, personally and financially.

 What is your favorite thing about being a coach?
 That my "job" is essentially to make friends and help them reach THEIR goals!! Reaching mine is awesome but helping another person realize a dream is MAGIC. To top it off I get paid exremely well to do this. It's the dream job I had never dreamed of.

 Any encouraging words to leave with us? 
 Enjoy the ride!! There are going to be moments of pure awesomeness as a coach and ones of frustration. Use it ALL as a learning experience to be better. The rewards are so worth the effort. Also, believe in yourself and be patient! if you are looking for a quick buck or overnight success coaching is probably not for you. If you are willing to commit you can hit any milestone you want! Remember, people are listening and watching even when you think they aren't. In the beginning you will be planting a LOT of seeds and it may feel like nothing is happeninig. It is. Trust the process and know it is. far too many coaches give up before they ride that wave of momentum which is such a shame!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's OK Again!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay....

- to not workout when you're having kidney pain.

- to be SUPER EXCITED about starting to earn a real income.

- to feel excited about ordering Tropical Strawberry Shakeology.

- to need large amounts of caffeine to get through the day (right?)

- to want to pass out with exhaustion at 2pm (parenting!)

- to actually be looking forward to swimsuit season.

- to spend most of your new income on debts and other essentials.

But it's also okay to blow small amounts of money on frivolous stuff.


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