Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top Ten Smart Swaps


Well sure it is if you do a huge overhaul and expect to stick to a strict diet with no wiggle room. If your idea of "eating healthier" involves throwing out all of your favorite foods and refusing to eat chocolate ever again...then it's no wonder you've failed in the past.
Yes this works for some people but MOST people need baby steps.

Here are 10 EASY swaps to make that will help you lose weight.

1) Give up one can of soda for 1 glass of water per day.

2) Instead of chips and dip try carrots and hummus!

3) Have an orange instead of orange juice! (FIBER)

4) Shakeology instead of Jamba Juice!

5) Vinaigrette instead of Ranch or Thousand Island (or any other cream based dressing)!

6) Quinoa instead of rice...it's even good in casseroles!

7) Salsa on your burger instead of ketchup.

8) Mustard on your sandwich instead of mayo.

9) Try a small piece of dark chocolate instead of a large piece of milk chocolate.

10) Olive oil instead of vegetable oil is another good one. Olive oil has so many more good fats. Or try coconut oil! 

Seriously, small things add up!! And it's the little steps that lead to big steps!

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  1. such great tips...making small changes like this over time were the ones that 'stuck' when big things failed within weeks. Stopping by from Top Ten Tuesday

  2. I love how you made it so manageable. I actually just bought coconut oil for the first time the other day. I'm excited to try to use it.

  3. Great tips...since we moved here to Belize we have come to love coconut oil!



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