Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It'll Free Your Soul

So I'm trying this new thing lately...it's called BELIEVING.

I heard a quote on the TV Show Once Upon A Time and it resonated with me...

So I made a motivational photo
Seriously though...don't we all do this at one point or another?

We CAN'T do something because we don't BELIEVE we can. We don't want to believe in the magic inside of us all. (No, I'm not talking slight of hand or witchcraft...stay with me)

The first time I ran a mile it was slow and steady...I think it took me 15mins...but it was a magical moment. The first time I broke 11mins it was magical. The first time I did it in 10mins? Yep, MAGICAL. When I realized I was a size 6 after over 3 years I felt like I could take on the world at that moment.

You can make MAGIC happen. You can take your unfit or barely fit body and make it fit and healthy. Isn't that all magic does? Takes something and transforms it into something else? DO IT!

What magical thing do you want to accomplish in the month of April? Tell me below or come like me on Facebook!

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