Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some things are OK

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

- to only have a short run in the afternoon yesterday. Just getting out and doing SOMETHING counts.

- to be excited about going to help a friend pack tomorrow because I'm doing it SANS KIDS!

- to scream and cry because I found a scorpion crawling on me. (True story)

- to be making my meal plan and shopping list the day we're going shopping.

- that I indulged a little too much last weekend in honor of my birthday.

- to be a little freaked out about being 25 now...

- to turn the TV on for a couple of hours to occupy the kids until I can REALLY get moving.

- to flat out ask you to come *like* Kas Fitness on Facebook!

- that I'm asking you to go read about Shakeology by clicking this and seriously consider buying in the next few days for my Challenge Group! (We'll start April 9th and drink Shakeology every single day for 15 days) Remember to order AutoShip (Home Direct) for free shipping! 


  1. It's totally okay to indulge on your birthday! It's definitely something to celebrate and enjoy! :)

  2. nothing wrong with a little tv in the mornings to get yourself together. i say do what you gotta do girl!



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