Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shakeology v Slimfast

Two things I've heard lately...

"I can't do those meal replacement powders. I think they're nasty."

"Why should I buy Shakelogy when I can just go to Walmart and get X shake?"

I'll address them each in turn...

1) I've also tried other powders...and they ARE nasty. You know what makes them nasty? Artificial crap. Seriously, the general rule is: If a 7 year old can't read it you probably shouldn't eat it. This link was VERY informative. I've actually found myself wishing I could turn back time and slap the shake out of my hand at 15 years old. It's kind of like Diet Soda vs Regular Soda vs Soda with Cane Sugar. YOU CAN TELL THE ONES WITH ARTIFICIAL CRAP.
Let's look at SlimFast vs Shakeology:

So there's that!

2) Yes, you can totally go to Walmart and buy some generic shake. OR you could try Shakeology.
If you buy a shake at the store and it does NOTHING for you then you've wasted your money. You'll never get that money back.
Shakeology has a 30 Day Bottom of The Bag Guarantee. What does that mean? If, in the first 30 days, it doesn't live up to your expectations for ANY reason you can get a full refund (less S&H) You know what will happen if you call Slimfast? They'll probably apologize and give you a coupon. I've never called so I can't say exactly what they'd do...but I know FOR A FACT that Shakeology has the guarantee.

Read it all for yourself: myshakeology.com/kasmorin

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