Saturday, December 3, 2011

Military Time

If you're military (either you or your spouse) this post is aimed at YOU!

I know that it's near impossible for spouses to find good work. Some branches move every couple of years. It takes about that long to really get established in a company. If you hold a professional degree (law or medical for example) those are state specific. So, if you're a lawyer in Texas and get moved to Minnesota you have to start all over. It's crazy.

That's where having your own business comes in handy!

You *could* got to another company (a few makeup ones come to mind...) but those have been around so much longer and the market is SATURATED with consultants!

Beachbody is still new enough that getting in NOW means getting in closer to the ground floor. Those people that got involved in Mary Kay in the company's first 10 years of business are doing pretty well for themselves...

That could be YOU with Beachbody!

Now, I'm sure you're asking, "Okay...what does military have to do with it?"

Here's a "secret"...

It's FREE for military

I know. Cool, huh. Active military OR their spouse can sign up to coach for FREE. No sign up fee and no monthly fee. Just a free business opportunity. Most companies require a start up fee of $200 or more. (Even if you're NOT military the start up fee with BB is still only $40)

EMAIL ME to get in on this!

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