Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why I Chose Beachbody 3

I'll be honest. Right now any money *I* make is just icing (Well, after I pay for our Shakeology that is...) My husband's job pays us more than enough money. We live comfortably and are slowly paying down debts.

I realized today, after Stefan got called in to work again on a Saturday, why I love having this job so much...

I'm the boss.

Seriously. That's one of the best feelings.

There are other good points...

It's part of my job to eat healthy, drink Shakeology, and workout.

I get paid to do things I enjoy...like go to the gym.

Let me repeat that:  Basically, I get paid to live my life.

I also don't have to go in to an office during the day and get to spend my time with these guys:

Yes, that can be VERY stressful....but, from what I've heard from a fellow mom, not nearly as stressful as leaving them each day could be.

Tell me again why you're not interested in Beachbody?

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