Monday, November 28, 2011


In honor of Cyber Monday I'm further breaking down the AWESOME deal here!

You get a program, nutrition in the form of Shakeology, and support from ME and BB in the form of a free month of Club Membership!

How does the savings break down?

Challenge Pack One: You're saving  $25.75
Challenge Pack Two: You're saving $26.33
Challenge Pack Three: You're saving $44.69 (This is the BEST DEAL)

PLUS, as an added bonus, if you've considered becoming a coach you can buy one of these at sign up and have the sign up fee WAIVED (that's an extra $40 in savings)

How's THAT for a Cyber Monday Deal?

So, instead of buying clothes buy something that will help you fit into even cuter clothes in the near future!!

Don't wait! Click HERE

Confused about sign up? Email me! Or text me! (210) 526-1349

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