Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days Intro

In previous years I've seen Nesting Place host the 31 Days party and think "Crap, I missed out again! Next year!" Annnnd the next year would roll around and I'd see these great posts pop up in October and go through it all again.

This year I'm jumping in!

Welcome to 31 Days of Easy, Affordable, and (mostly) Healthy!

I did a poll on my Facebook Page and the top reasons you gave for not eating healthy were MONEY, TIME, and EFFORT. I'm here to show you that it can be done! Will they be super healthy meals like you see in magazines? Nope, but that's what makes it great.

So this month you'll get posts on saving time, money, and effort. You'll get a few meals here and there as well. I'm SO excited to offer this to you!

So sit back, be ready to PIN IT (you know you love Pinterest), and enjoy the next month in my kitchen!

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