Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are you hurting?

No, this isn't a mushy gushy post about feelings! It's about injuries!

I have an old knee injury. When I went to physical therapy (back in 2010) they said my muscles were too weak in some areas and it pulled my knee around wrong. The orthopedist said my high arches made the situation worse. Basically, I have some light damage and will hurt sporadically the rest of my life. Also Known As: I'm a human barometer! I hurt when the weather shifts.

And it's been raining in South Texas! This sparked an idea. I've seen Facebook lately...the weather has been crazy all over. So if I'M in pain from the random and sometimes severe weather shifts there must be a whole group of people with the same problem.

Maybe enough for a CHALLENGE GROUP!?

So June 4th will begin the "Injury Recovery Challenge Group." The program of choice will be our new, awesome Tai Cheng. (That's a post by my coach, Sarah...she's awesome)

If you have an old injury, new injury, OR if you just want to slow down for 30 days click HERE and check out the Challenge Pack. There's a spot in the Facebook group with YOUR name on it! Let's get better together!

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