Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slim in 6 and Shakeology thoughts

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I started Slim in 6 yesterday. I have a few initial thoughts...

1) They use REAL women in the video! That's a HUGE PLUS for me. These aren't skinny teeny tiny women. It shows that everyone can do it.

2) It's short. 30mins for a full body workout. There are additional videos (abs, stretching, thighs) that they recommend you add but they're sort of optional if you're pressed for time.

3) I'm a bit sore today. 30mins and I got a workout that made me sore? SCORE.

I'm also doing a modified Shakeology cleanse. I need more than the calories they recommend for the actual cleanse (breastfeeding) but I am replacing TWO meals a day instead of just one.

1) I need to branch out with my recipes...and not use milk each time.

2) Even though I ate "enough" my body didn't think so because I've gotten so used to stuffing myself. FAIL.

3) I discovered that I like pineapple juice (especially on grapes) but not pineapple itself...hmmm

4) Hummus and Carrots = Awesome snack.

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