Friday, February 24, 2012


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I confess...

I only worked out a couple of times this week. 
I've been dealing with sick kids, teething kids, and been sick myself. Blah.

I confess...

I've totally been craving JUNK all week long. Especially pizza. What's up the pizza cravings?
I had a burger last night. It wasn't as good as I wanted. Sad day.

I confess...

I didn't have my Shakeology every day.
I truly regret that. I feel SO much better when I drink it.

I confess...

I yelled more than I should have at my kids/dog. 
Sleep deprivation is an ugly thing!

I confess...

I planned dinner at the last possible minute.
It wasn't as well-balanced as I like.

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  1. hey, welcome to the Friday Confessional party, happy to have you along.

    i HATE when i go to eat something naughty that i have been craving or dreaming about and it is not at all what i wanted it to be. the worst!!

  2. it took me THREE tries to get the words right on your word verification thing. did you even know that is on your comments? i did a post yesterday about this very thing and the response was overwhelmingly in favor of NO word verification.

    come read the post and check out the tutorial on how to get rid of it. i promise you will love MORE comments.



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