Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Temporary Insanity

This week has been pure insanity and it's not just the workout.

Friday my husband had jaw surgery. He has (well, HAD) an overbite that can't be fixed with braces so they broke his jaw, screwed it with space, and now bone will fill in between. It's sort of cool if you think about it. The body does crazy things.

This was the first time he was totally under anesthesia so I was a little freaked out. His mom took him (because whoever took him wasn't allowed to leave until the surgery was over) so I got updates by phone. He did great and he's recovering well...


He needs a lot of rest (he's up for a few hours before he gets tired and has to sleep), he super swollen (his bottom lip swelled so much it was splitting), and he's on a NO CHEW diet for 6 weeks. Let me tell you how thankful we are for Shakeology right now! It's seriously a staple now more than ever.

Well this also means he's not allowed to workout for a good long while. No idea if he'll be allowed to workout in 6 weeks or not. I couldn't NOT workout that long and it didn't feel right to keep doing Rev Abs without him (it's sort of our bonding thing right?)

So I started Insanity!

I've finished week one and I'm already hooked.

I spend a lot of the workout staring at the screen panting. I also have to press my hand to my mouth and breathe deep so I don't puke a lot. I have yet to even make it through the entire WARM UP.

This is a video from right after my very first workout.

It really is  keeping me sane. Throughout all of the crazy I've been looking forward to my daily workout. It's an hour (workout plus shower) that is just for ME. And the endorphins are a huge bonus for my mood!

I'm posting videos after each workout so be sure and subscribe to Kas Fitness on Facebook to keep track! https://www.facebook.com/KasFitness

Do YOU want to go insane? I'll be starting an Insanity Challenge Group on OCTOBER 15th 2012!! Several of the slots are ALREADY RESERVED so if you want on the list (or want to convince me to open it as a larger group) you need to let me know sooner rather than later!

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