Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bonding over Health

When my husband and I got our first apartment our diet was terrible...LOTS of processed foods. One thing we LOVED was chips and dip. We got caught in, what I call, the "chip-dip-cycle." That's the one where you  run out of chips but have dip leftover so you buy more chips so the dip doesn't go to waste. You finish the dip but have chips left so you buy more dip...and so on.

Except not this glamorous looking...
We would sit and watch "TV" (our computer) and eat chips and's how we bonded. We worked at the same place but didn't spend a lot of time together during the day so we would bond over House MD, LOST, Heroes, etc...and chips and dip.

We gained weight. We felt awful most of the time.

Now we know better!

Today we start RevAbs TOGETHER! We're going to bond through exercise. We've worked out together before and I love it. He pushes me to work harder, to finish out a set, and to keep pushing when I think I'm done. Yes, there's a bit of competition there! It's a healthy competition that pushes us each to be our best.

I want that for you!!

I want YOU and your significant other to BOND OVER HEALTH.

Which is why I'm starting a Couples Only Challenge Group on July 9th!

Get healthy with your main squeeze
If you want to get healthy together message me NOW  Spots for this kind of thing fill up FAST!

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  1. oh my gosh..this is totally us..the chips & the dip..I just can't seem to ditch them..grrr



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